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Welcome to the America-Japan Society!

Founded in 1917, the America-Japan Society is a private, non-profit and non-political organization consisting of individual and corporate membersD The mission of the Society is to promote understanding and enlightened relations between the United States and Japan.

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Farewell Luncheon at the International House of Japan 12:00`14:00)
June 13, 2014

In Honor of DCM Mr. Kurt Tong and Mrs. Tong ‘Memories of Japan and the Future U.S.-Japan Relations’

The farewell reception for DCM Mr. and Mrs. Tong and Mr. Richard Mai, Cultural Affairs Officer of the US Embassy was held at the International House Kabarama room. About 100 people attended. Mr. and Mrs. Tong are leaving for the states after building a tremendous marvelous relationship between the U.S. and Japan.
After the meal, President Fujisaki invited over a dozen of guests, including the Interns to talk about their relationships with, and the accomplishments of  Mr. and Mrs. Tong. According to the comments made, everyone feels that Mr. and Mrs, Tong are a gentle and wonderful couple who dedicated their time and effort to making great relationship between the United States and Japan. Certificates expressing our sincere thanks were presented to Mr. and Mrs. Tong and Mr. Richard Mai by AJS.
Afterwards, Mr. Mai, Mrs. Tong and Mr. Tong each made speeches reflecting their relationships and memories with U.S. and Japan. Their strong heartfelt messages made us feel that we will always be bonded. After short remarks by Mr. Mei and Mrs. Tong, Minister Tong gave a speech. In which he said that he visited all the 47 prefectures in Japan during his tenure.
It poured rain during the reception but luckily, by the time the reception ended, the skies were clear again.

We hope Mr. and Mrs. Tong and Mr. Mai have a bright future and good luck.

Nomu-nidation Mixer Party at Happoen (18:00-20:30)
June 12, 2014

Collaboration with American Chamber of Commerce in Japan (ACCJ)

A mixer program sponsored by AJS and ACCJ called 'Nomu-nication' with wine and snacks was held to get to know each other and to support the group 'Smiling Hospital Japan."
Speeches were given by of Mr. David Wouters from ACCJ, President Fujisaki, and Executive Director, Mr. Watanabe from AJS. Ms. Ellie Matsumoto, Representative Director of Smiling Hospital Japan received special awards.
A wonderful piano performance was made by Ms. Kazuko Ishibashi, and the band helped warm the party up.
All the guests enjoyed exchanging business cards, talking about their own interests, drinking together and having a good time on the dance floor. Several lucky people won the raffles.

The America-Japan Societies were mentioned in the U.S.-Japan Joint Statement

U.S.-Japan Joint Statement: The United States and Japan: Shaping the Future of the Asia-Pacific and Beyond

President Fujisaki visited DC for a weekend meeting

Met many old friends. Discussed with Chairman Shapiro and President Kelly of National Association of Japan Societies as well as Andy Anderson, father of Taylor who lost her life in tsunami, and others regarding how to further promote grassroots exchanges.

Ichiro Fujisaki

Round Table Discussion

  • Date : April 17, 2014
  • Time : 18:30-20:00
  • Place: International House of Japan (Kokusai Bunka Kaikan)
  • "President Obama's Visit: Japanfs Youth discusses the future of Japan-U.S. Relations"


  • Professor Naoyuki Agawa, Professor at Keio University, AJS Director
  • Panelist

  • Yoshitaka Yamamoto, University of Tokyo doctoral program
  • Yohei Komatsuzaki, Keio University School of Law, 66th Japanese student chairman for the US-Japan student conference
  • Hikari Uzawa, Tokyo University of Foreign Studies (AJS intern)
  • Erika Takeda, Keio University School of Policy Management (AJS intern)
  • Commentator

  • Ms. Minami Tsubouchi, General incorporated foundation Global Education Support, Fund Director/Secretary General
  • Mr. Yasumasa Yamamoto, Google industry manager
  • Mr. Sasha Suderow, Foreign Diplomat at the US Embassy
  • On April 17th from 18:30-20:00, the America-Japan Society held a round table discussion at the International House of Japan (Kokusai Bunka Kaikan). The event was organized to mark the occasion of President Obamafs scheduled visit to Japan in mid-April, and Japanese students gathered to discuss in English some of the major issues that the US-Japan relationship faces today. After each student gave their opinions about the issues of interest to them and answered questions, the commentators, drawn from the disparate fields of NGOs, diplomacy, and international business, each offered their thoughts to expand the discussion.

    The evening started off with a short remark by AJS President Ichiro Fujisaki recognizing AJS Vice President Akiko Kuno for conceptualizing and making the event possible. Following Prof. Agawafs remarks, the panelists discussed their expectations for President Obamafs visit and the future of Japan-U.S. relations based on their own experiences. They talked about the differences in mentality between Japanese and American students, compared each countryfs respective education system, and also gave their opinions about the exchange programs offered in Japanese universities. Throughout the discussion, the students presented insights and observations that adults may not have been able to come up with. The commentators also gave the students advice, not only on the state of US-Japan relations, but also on how to prosper and thrive in the global economy and society.

    After the discussion concluded, the participants continued to chat with audience members, providing an open and stimulating atmosphere. As a result of listening to the voices of students, all of whom will be at the forefront of the next iteration of US-Japan relations, I believe that it was a great opportunity for all of the participants to reflect on their backgrounds and think about how they each contribute to this important relationship as an individual as well as a global citizen.

    April 17, 2014 Round Table Discussion
    April 17, 2014 Round Table Discussion
    April 17, 2014 Round Table Discussion

    2014 US Study Grants Program

    The America-Japan Society, in cooperation with the US Embassy, will extend financial support for Japanese graduate students wishing to carry out short-term research projects. Applicants must submit an application form and other required documents to the AJS office no later than March 21, 2014.

    For further information (in Japanese only), please click

    1. Guidelines for applicants
    2. Application form

    President Fujisaki received the 2013 Marshall Green Award

    @On December 5, The Japan-America Society of Washington, DC presented 2013 Marshall Green Award to President Fujisaki for a sustained and significant contribution to US-Japan relations during his service as Ambassador to the U.S.

    Welcome luncheon for Ambassador Caroline Kennedy

    America-Japan Society and ACCJ jointly hosted a luncheon welcoming Ambassador Caroline Kennedy at Hotel Okura in Tokyo. Over 600 members and families participated to celebrate her arrival to Japan, surprising her with a birthday cake and a birthday song. After President Fujisaki opened the ceremony with his Welcome Remarks, he introduced Ambassador Kennedy to her speech. As this was her first official speech in Japan, this event also captured the attention of both the domestic and international media.

    Keeping with the tradition since the founding of our organization, Ambassador Kennedy has kindly accepted to become the Honorable President of the Society.

    We wish Ambassador Kennedy much success and excellent days to come in her new role in Japan. Furthermore, we hope for a continued strong, deep, and prosperous relationship between Japan and the United States.

    Please see the link below for the full text of her speech @@@

    Moore, Oklahoma Tornado Relief Funds

    On September 24, Mr. Lloyd Hardin, Honorary Consul General of Japan at Oklahoma City acted on the behalf of the America-Japan Society of Tokyo and the National Association of America-Japan Societies in delivering the donation to the Moore Public Schools Foundation for the reconstruction efforts of the Plaza Towers and Briarwood Elementary Schools.

    Letter to Moore Public Schools

    Activity Report

    August 29, 2013
    AJS Intern Initial Meeting

    Article of President Ichiro Fujisaki

    Article of President Ichiro Fujisaki
    (August 1, 2013 published by The Japan Times)

    Activity Report

    August 20, 2013
    President Fujisaki met with Foreign Minister Fumio Kishida.
    Minister Kishida accepted to make a speech for AJS members.

    Message from New President

    July, 2013

    Message from New President

    Dear Members and Friends,

    I was elected as the President of the America-Japan Society, Inc. on the 5th of July. I will be succeeding Ambassador Okawara who guided the institution for the past 18 years.

    The America- Japan Society, Inc. has been a leading organization in Japan-US people-to-people exchanges. I feel honored and fortunate to involve myself in Japan-US relations in this new capacity. I hope to seek your fullest support and cooperation.

    Any organization must constantly review and change themselves to better adapt to new situations. The America-Japan Society, Inc. is no exception. We will try to further improve our programs in order to make them attractive to members. We will consider how we can have more participation by younger people. In short, we are focused on reinvigorating our activities. We will also seek to expand individual as well as corporate memberships.

    Today, there are many organizations dealing with the bilateral relations between our two countries. We are hoping to strengthen our ties with those other organizations.

    We would like to continue to seek to become a caring as well as proactive organization. We look forward to working with each of you and your organization. Let us work together towards even better relations between the peoples of Japan and the United States.


    Ichiro Fujisaki
    The America-Japan Society, Inc